#BookBuddy launch

Maz Evans started a social media hashtag #BookBuddy in response to the state of libraries in schools that she has been seeing in her travels around the UK giving talks in schools.

This campaing saught to pair people wjho had spare books, such as authors, booksellers, reviewers and other interested parties and schools who deperately need new books to keep their children interested in reading.

This has been amazingly successful with a huge response to the initial shout out from both sides.

This is now being developed into this website where schools can add themselves to year round to search for a #BookBuddy to help maintain their libraries and book supplies.

This still needs fixed at government level and in no way is a subsitute for sufficiently funding schools, but it is a sticking plaster that hopes to help whilst the problem is correctly addressed.

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  1. Is it possible for me to edit North Lancing Primary’s details, please? Not all the information has shown up so I would like to change it if possible! Many thanks, Mary Ferrier

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